Kilima Sanctuary

This ultra-luxury villa forms the pinnacle of Machangulo Private Nature Reserve’s coastline in Mozambique. Kilima Sanctuary was acquired under the Fire Island Eco Retreats company and is a private vacation rental property for affluent travellers.

    Undoubtedly, Kilima Sanctuary has been the most luxurious brand we’ve worked on thus far. Although part of Fire Island Eco Retreats’ portfolio, the villa is in a class of its own, and it was imperative that we took a fresh approach to develop the branding.


    The villa itself has a minimalistic architecture with austere edges and a porcelain beauty. It was only fitting that we incorporate these clean lines into the brand. An icon was not befitting of this level of sophistication, so we opted for an eye-catching, elegant wordmark. Each design element, including the website and social media creative, should carefully reflect the brand style. The tone of voice was also an important consideration to reach the target market.


    The wordmark we created is sleek, immaculate, and contemporary, and hints at the peak of perfection that is Kilima Sanctuary. The “A” represents the villa’s placement as the apex of Machangulo, rising above all else along the peninsula. Everything about this wordmark screams coastal opulence. The tone of voice used across media reflects the exclusivity of this luxurious brand, with the use of educated, cultured, and high-end language. Design elements across the website, hone in on the Kilima Sanctuary’s position, in regard to both location and market. The sinuous contours of the dune that the villa is perched upon are subtly illustrated in the background.


    The brand is instantly recognisable and invites a cultivated, cosmopolitan audience. The exclusion of select markets, and the suggestion that the brand is somewhat unobtainable are intentional. It is attracting an affluent audience who have the means to spend on this lavish accommodation.

Corporate Identity



Social Media

Falling under the Fire Island Eco Retreats brand, Kilima Sanctuary’s social media presence is more dominant on the portfolio pages. It does have its own Instagram and Facebook pages, where posts specifically pertaining to the villa are posted ad hoc.