Kilian Strydom Property Management

We recently had the opportunity to work with Kilian Strydom Attorneys, a well-established property management company that specialises in comprehensive management services for Body Corporate and Home Owners Associations in the Helderberg basin.

    Kilian Strydom Attorneys approached us with the challenge of rebranding their company’s corporate identity, business cards, letterheads, website and other stationery items. The goal was to refresh their brand’s look and feel while maintaining their industry expertise and professionalism.


    Our creative team took on the challenge of developing a new corporate identity and colour scheme for Kilian Strydom Attorneys. After a couple of rounds of design iterations and consultations with the client, we settled on a regal purple (#4a1a57) and orange (#eda236) colour scheme that effectively conveyed the high calibre of the company. The new design also helped Kilian Strydom Attorneys to stand out from their competitors in the industry, who typically use blue colours.


    The final deliverables included a new corporate identity, business cards, letterheads, website design and other stationery items. Our team ensured that the designs were cohesive and consistent across all mediums. We also developed a user-friendly website that reflected Kilian Strydom Attorneys’ new brand identity and showcased their services in a clear and concise manner.


    The rebranding efforts were well-received by Kilian Strydom Attorneys and their clients. The new design effectively communicated the company’s professionalism and industry expertise, which helped them to attract new clients and retain existing ones. The new website also received positive feedback from visitors, who found it easy to navigate and informative. Overall, the rebranding efforts were a success, and we were thrilled to have been involved in elevating the Kilian Strydom Attorneys brand to the next level.