Fire Island Eco Retreats

Unfound Africa has an inspiring back story. Our client’s dream to build a resort on a remote Mozambique island, was quickly replaced by a desire to protect threatened species, after his visit to the island. The conservation and community projects that were since established, are supported by eco-tourism efforts, including eco-luxury lodges across Africa.

The Challenge
What started as a brief to design a website for the Fire Island Conservation project, has evolved into the management of various conservation projects and eco-tourism properties, and all of the associated digital media, advertising, CI development and print media.

The Solution
We developed a comprehensive brand and digital development strategy for Fire Island Conservation, plus each of the seven lodges in Mozambique and South Africa that were subsequently acquired. Our approach included brand development, marketing management, website development, and social media that aligned with the culture and conformed to the ‘eco meets luxury’ identity. We also focused on extending the reach of the marketing efforts, through media placements and Adword management.

The Delivery
We rolled out the initial conservation website and social media channels, and built an effective customer following and base. We have developed each of the eco property websites, as they have been purchased for the client’s portfolio, and developed social media channels for them, or linked existing ones where required. We have also developed and designed branded products to sell, to raise funds for the conservation and community projects, while cultivating the brand identity. This ever-growing enterprise has appointed us as brand and PR managers for the entire Unfound Africa group.

The Result
Unfound Africa has developed into our labour of love. It is an ongoing, ever-expanding organisation, that we have been walking hand-in-hand with every step of the way. Our client depends on our constant vital input, and we continue to adapt all of the marketing media as the overarching company grows. On top of our continuous digital and brand media efforts, we have been enlisted to work on an animated feature film and a documentary that has garnered international interest.


2017 – Current