Eden Wines

This is a small wine distributor that aims to champion local wine producers, with family-owned and small wineries, to their clients.

    Eden Wines is run by a small team of sommeliers and oenophiles. They saw a gap in the highly competitive South African wine market, which is 520 wineries strong. Their main goal is to advocate the small-batch wineries that are producing excellent wines, but often get overlooked. They were starting from scratch and required full CI and a website.


    With Eden Wines having a sophisticated offering, they needed an equally cultivated logo and website. We carefully considered the design elements, ensuring that the brand offering was well represented. It was also essential that the brand tone of voice should be refined and elegant, to resonate with their ideal target market.


    We brainstormed the branding and universally agreed that since Southern coast wines feature in the collection, this should be reflected in the logo design. Our coast is notorious for its ocean breeze, which we represented with a spiral. The waves and fields were not only essential design elements, but these, combined with the cooling winds that prevent rapid ripening and high alcohol levels, are the perfect wine-producing trifecta. The website design followed the logo and we kept it clean, informational and scalable, to accommodate the continuous growth of the brand


    The logo clearly portrays the business and attracts knowledgeable connoisseurs. The website headline immediately suggests to users that Eden Wines is supremely proud of its wine portfolio, enticing them to scroll through the offerings and store. As the brand grows, the cellar (e-commerce platform) has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate through the offerings, with filters and search functionality. The client is very happy with both the logo and website, and is thrilled to start promoting their business.




We were approached to design a brand for an MCC, which would feature as part of the Eden Wines portfolio. This “smooth and sophisticated”, traditionally made bubbly from the Elgin Valley, required a name and label that reflected it well. After brainstorming, we settled on ‘süd’, which translates to South to represent its origin. The blend was named ‘Protéger’, meaning ‘to protect’, aligning with the brand’s efforts to conserve marine life through carbon offsetting. The logo was kept simple and elegant, with elements that draw on its inception.