10 Oxes

10 Oxes are hand-crafted gins that take three months to make, from fruit to bottle. The owners are fruit farmers and their gins’ uniqueness comes from having access to fresh fruits, therefore never using artificial flavours in their gin.

The Challenge
Owners, Dean and Carla, approached us after seeing the work we produced for another craft gin brand. Having already established their name, logo and label, what they required was our help to take their product to market.


The Solution
The craft gin industry in SA is well-established with several big players, making it difficult for new brands to establish themselves. Our strategy was to first target the local market, to secure a loyal following, before rolling out to a wider audience.


The Delivery
When we started on 10 Oxes, they had no online or social media presence. All they had was the product. We integrated their new gin into the online sphere, keeping their start-up budget in mind. When the alcohol ban was announced, we were forced to rethink how to position the brand, without selling the product. By incorporating news and activities on the page, we successfully kept up engagement on social media platforms


The Result
We acquired more than 800 unique visitors to their website in less than two months, converting to sales through their online shop. We’ve gained more than 1,500 followers across their social media channels, with active organic engagement.


2020 – Current