LM Radio

LM Radio is a well-known radio station that any babyboomer will immediately have fond memories of. They are based in Gauteng and Maputo, Mozambique, and describe themselves as a nostalgic adult contemporary music station.


The Challenge
Founder, Chris Turner, approached us to design a new website for the radio station. Soon after that, we were asked to create a brand new logo for LM Radio, with a brief to make sure the design appealed to younger listeners, while still keeping the nostalgic, well known, brand association.


The Solution
We brainstormed ideas for a new, modern and attractive corporate identity for the radio station. For the website build, we looked at creating a framework for digital media, incorporating the station’s bread and butter… client advertising.


The Delivery
We designed and launched the new website ahead of schedule, with the fresh, new, re-branded corporate identity. We also provide ongoing creative work, in support of the digital advertising by LM Radio clients, on the radio station’s digital platforms.


The Result
The new logo and corporate identity were very well received by LM Radio’s loyal following. The client was extremely pleased with the standard of creativity and the resulting product, and is always impressed that the ongoing support exceeds his expectations.


2019 - 2020


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