Four Facts About WordPress That Blew Our Minds

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Did you know that WordPress powers 39,6% of the internet? That is an impressive percentage.

Beyond the basics, several features make WordPress a great platform to build your website on. It’s also open-source software, meaning it’s completely free, redistributable, and offers unlimited validity.

Here are some facts about WordPress you might find interesting, whether you are a developer, blogger or just curious.

1. WordPress is the most popular CMS used in the world

WordPress is used for many popular websites that you might recognise, like Etsy, Skype and MTV News, as well as other brands like PlayStation, Facebook Newsroom, and Yelp, amongst others.

If WordPress is powerful enough for these sites, then it’s safe to say it’s powerful enough for nearly any site you might need to build.

2. WordPress can be used to build any type of website

WordPress was once a blogging platform, but it has adapted over the years to become very versatile, allowing users to create fully-functional sites of any category.

WordPress offers you the flexibility and freedom to build any kind of website, without having to know code.

3. WordPress allows you to create SEO-friendly permalinks

The beauty of having the ability to edit permalinks, is that you can put your keywords into the URL. Therefore your permalinks do not only look attractive, but help with your website’s Google search ranking.

4. WordPress helps you integrate your campaign with social media

Social media is massive, and WordPress is one of the best platforms for marketing your brand.

On WordPress, you can create customised social media buttons for your blog, so it is easier for readers to share your content. You can also add your social media feed to your site.

Our take:

The WordPress community won’t be challenged anytime soon, and will continue to grow. With new SEO features, improved dashboard functionality, and UI updates coming in the future, the platform is getting better and better, in our opinion.

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