Digital Media & Advertising

We are attention seekers.

Our talented, passionate designers and strategists, aim to get your business an unfair share of attention. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, we will work closely with you and walk you through the processes, putting a solid strategy in place before we embark on the project.

With digital marketing, the competition between businesses is high. There are a lot of bases to cover, and it all needs to be structured and cohesive. Creative needs to align with the copy, the messages need to be clear and logical, everything needs to match your strategy, align with your culture, be inspiring, and trigger curiosity or emotion. The bottom line… it can be an extremely stressful undertaking for a business.

Let us take the heat off. This is what we’re best at, and we know exactly what to do to help you. We can provide you with thoughtful, beautiful looking designs, and inspiring copy, that generate more leads, create engagement, and open up new revenue streams.

The messages need to be clear and logical, everything needs to match your strategy, align with your culture, be inspiring, and trigger curiosity or emotion.

Digital Media & Advertising

Web Design & Development
Social Media Management
Paid Social Media
Search Engine Optimization
Paid search (PPC/Adwords)
Digital Marketing Strategies & Management
Email Marketing

You don’t just need a website, you need a website that works.

From basic graphic web design services to fully immersive, and eCommerce website development, we do it all. We can tailor-make your website, or create a web design in WordPress, depending on the scope of your budget. We are ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the backend of website builds, and we stay up-to-date with the latest trends. It takes around 0.05 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion about your website, so we make sure that their first impression is a lasting one.

Research shows that websites with low visual complexity and high prototypicality are perceived as highly appealing. In other words, a simple design that represents the category of your business is key to ensuring your customers stay around on the site. All of our websites leverage visual hierarchy, that guides visitors’ attention to the most important elements first, and motivate call-to-action.

When it comes to the experience, your customers want your website to be user-centred. Our UX (user experience) designs ensure that visitor interaction with your company, services, and products is effortless. Our developers understand that in the digital world, UI (user interface) is crucial to UX. We architect a UI that carefully considers every visual and interactive element of the website, making sure that it is as intuitive as possible.

We can implement a built-in CMS interface, that enables you to manage the website so that you can easily create and edit the digital content. Or we can manage it for you, through one of our packages.

What we can do for you:

  • Website development and design
  • Custom websites
  • WordPress theme websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • UX/UI design
  • Website copy and photography
  • Website maintenance
  • Website security
  • Web hosting
  • Content Management System

Getting your brand out there to the people who need to see it.

Leveraging social media channels can provide fantastic sales opportunities for your business. However, it’s imperative that your social media channels are efficient, and that you have a clear social media marketing strategy. Your brand story needs to be told in the right way to grow your visibility. Through collaboration, we align the strategy with your business objectives to help you achieve your goals, whether they are to improve brand recognition, gather lead generation, direct website traffic, or create conversions.

We make sure we fully understand your target audience and demographics, so we can reach them effectively. Our user-first post content uses imagery and copy that is inspiring, compelling and grabs attention. We stay on top of performance and recognise what works to capture your audience and build brand awareness. We utilise popular platforms, and always keep abreast of emerging trends. Our services are flexible, and we always strive to make room for urgent requests.

We send you post schedules, allowing time for feedback, giving you control over the post content and exactly what appears on your social media accounts. We research the best times for posting, employing technology that enables us to schedule posts in advance, to ensure they reach your audience at the optimal time, for maximum engagement.

Timely and responsive social media community management is essential for the credibility of your business. We offer a community management service as part of our package, allowing us to stay on top of comments and messages that come through your channels, making sure you don’t miss any chances to generate brand advocacy. We use the opportunity to foster relationships between you and your customers, transforming followers into promoters.

What we can do for you:

  • Social media brand awareness
  • Social media graphic design services
  • A social media management strategy
  • Facebook and Instagram marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Website integration with social media
  • Boost user engagement across platforms

We’re thrifty, with excellent results, getting the most out of your paid social media ads.

We strategise, create and manage social media adverts, producing effective campaigns. By extracting valuable insights about audiences, it enables us to define our paid social media strategies, to get you the best results. We focus on your goals, whether it is to get more likes, drive traffic, improve conversions, engage audiences, or close sales.

Our team works with you to create engaging designs, from carousels and single images, to video ads. We can create a paid social strategy that seamlessly integrates with your organic digital strategy, for the optimal user experience.

We use customised targeting to reach the ideal audience for each advert, based on researched demographics. Our team will keep monitoring your adverts, looking for potential improvements and tweaking them when necessary, to achieve the best results.

With Facebook, we can help to set up a Facebook pixel: an analytics tool that measures the effectiveness of your advertising. It helps us understand the actions visitors take on your website so that we can make sure your ads are shown to the right people. Facebook pixel setup comes as standard, for customers who choose our website maintenance packages.

Creating quality content, to make sure you’re visible.

In today’s competitive markets, it’s not just enough to have a website. You need a website that can be easily discovered. With SEO, we can increase the quantity of your website traffic, as well as the quality. SEO can create great exposure to your brand, through organic search engine results.

We want to improve search visibility and rankings across your entire website and to do this, we conduct keyword research that is relevant for your business, while providing results. Using a variety of tools to determine best performing keywords and click-through rates, we craft a strategy that aligns your site with Google’s best practices. We also aim to improve the visibility of your website by increasing non-branded keywords, which will attract new users.

We offer a copywriting service and can create SEO optimised blogs and articles, to gain more opportunities for your website to rank in search engines, and increase the number of visitors to your site.

Elevating your brand and driving results.

Did you know, that every day, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google

We know that there is no point in having a fantastic website if no one clicks on it. The good news is that you can buy website visitors, and considerably increase the clicks to your site by ranking above organic search results, with a perceptive Pay-Per-Click campaign.

We work with you to develop a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing strategy, focusing on results with Google AdWords, the world’s leading PPC advertising platform. We keep an eye on keyword performance, to ensure your advertisements rank high on the search results page.

If you’re not sold on the idea, consider the benefits. It’s cost-effective: you only pay if someone clicks onto your website, and if you’ve nailed your website, it’s designed to convert leads into sales. It uses intelligent targeting: we can pinpoint your ideal customers through specified demographics, keywords, and retargeting of previous visitors. Ads are tracked: we will continuously monitor and analyse how well ads are performing, empowering us to refine them, so you get the most out of the campaign.

We ensure your digital channels are aligned, for a harmonious customer experience.

We aim to uplift your digital presence by encompassing our digital services, and managing your customer’s overall experience. There are many challenges with digital marketing, and through our extensive learnings, we can identify the opportunities for your business. We will map out objectives and strategies, and create tactics that lead to success.

Email is an effective marketing channel, resulting in a high ROI, with the right strategy.

Through email marketing, you have an opportunity to engage with loyal and prospective customers through a direct channel of communication. We create compelling visuals and copy, from welcome emails, to regular newsletters, that get you results.

The Protection of Personal Information Act is South Africa’s new data protection law.

There are steps companies must take to ensure they adhere to the POPI Act compliance requirements, and we have familiarised ourselves with these measures, so we can help advise you on solutions.

How we work

Step 1

We spend time getting to know you and your company and immerse ourselves in your brand.

Step 2

We research ideas, put together a plan, and discuss our approach, working closely with you for feedback.

Step 3

We deliver designs and strategies, with the goal of smashing the brief.

Step 4

We will liaise with you regularly, producing monthly performance reports.

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