Branding & CI Development

You have a story, and it’s our job to tell it with flair.

The strength of your company should be reflected by strong branding and identity. We spend time getting to know you, your values, your objectives, and your culture before we initiate a strategy. We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes, to anticipate their desires, and gain a complete understanding of how to position your brand. Our ultimate goal is to create strategy-led designs that reflect your story and tone of voice, to drive customers to your business.

Although we have a long-established reputation for creative excellence, we leave our egos behind and have the capacity for originality. Our innovative and talented graphic design team, approach each brief with a fresh pair of eyes.

We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes, to anticipate their desires, and gain a complete understanding of how to position your brand.

Branding & CI Development Services

Customer-Centric Branding Development
Logo Design
Corporate Stationery Design
Business Branding

Putting your customers first, so they never want to go anywhere else.

Your customers are your bread and butter. Research shows, that if you are customer-centric, you’ll be around 60% more profitable than competitors who do not put their customers first. That’s a lot of revenue. We help show your customers that you care about them, above all else, through our carefully considered brand marketing designs and brand identity services.

Whether you are looking to create a new brand or give new vitality to your existing brand, we will create a customer-centric brand awareness strategy, that attracts the people that matter most. in today’s digitally-led world, customers have plenty of choices, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Your branding has to tell your customers exactly who you are, before they even set foot in your door, or click onto your website. Our goal is to give you an authentic competitive advantage and a strong foundation, with unique designs that give your brand a voice and are in harmony with your culture.  

Our trailblazing graphic design team develop distinct, creative, and impactful designs that will leave your competitors trailing at your heels.

Telling your customers your story in one glance.

We know that the majority of businesses need to have a strong online presence, and we develop all our designs to be social media friendly. Social media marketing impacts the way customers interact with your brand and is a major part of your customer’s journey.

Through thoughtful, researched designs, we create logos that work congruously across all digital and print media.

We equip our team with the latest software to ensure they have the best possible tools, to create the best possible designs. We offer you three exceptional logo designs, and talk you through our creative reasoning, so you can choose the one you think best represents your brand. We use vector software, enabling your logo to be easily reproduced to any size, to use across any medium, without reducing the quality.

Leave an impression, with gorgeous stationery.

So you have a fantastic logo, that looks great across your digital assets. But what about your stationery? 

Your stationery says a lot about your company and should be considered an important aspect of your brand identity. Through our expertise, we know how to create designs that stand the test of time. In a world where everyone focuses on digital, stand out from your competitors with exclusive stationery that grabs your customers’ attention.

We can compose new stationery from scratch, or revive tired-looking designs. Our creative team will take a fresh approach to each project, delivering the highest standards of graphic design, and can supply you with both digital and printed versions of all stationery. We can manage the print production, right up to delivery to your office, so all you need to do is wow your customers with it.

Our creatives can also transform your brochure designs into digital masterpieces, adding interactive elements and animations, that can be used to engage your online audiences.

What we can do for you:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Compliment slips
  • Brand style guides
  • HTML signatures
  • Digital brochures
  • Presentations
  • Whitepapers

Shouting out your brand, to get you noticed.

Never underestimate the power of signage design to leverage your brand identity. 

Indoor/outdoor signage

Your office or shop is a key component of your brand to customer relationship and should be integrated into the branding journey. Your customers should be able to instantly recognise your premises. We work with you to determine the best placement for signage when incorporating it into your exterior and interior designs. Our graphic designers carefully craft signage that leverages all marketing opportunities.

Company vehicle branding

Vehicle signage is a low-cost, high impact brand advertising tool for businesses. With bold, eye-catching designs, your brand can reach audiences, wherever you’re travelling. Think of it as a billboard on wheels. Our talented team can create designs for any type of vehicle, from cars and vans, to buses and planes.

Uniform/corporate clothing branding

Your employees are the face of your company. Branded uniforms not only look professional to your customers, but they represent your company culture. The right designs will also unite your workers, encouraging them to become ambassadors of your brand. 

Promotional branding merchandise

Customers love swag, and we love making them want more. Our team will unleash their creative energy into coming up with conscious, catchy designs, helping you extend the reach of your audience. Promotional giveaways is a playful, low-cost avenue to engage more customers and a foolproof way to build brand recognition. Research shows that almost 90% of people will remember you for at least two years after they receive your branded merch.

We can manage the print process with our preferred partners, or get everything ready to send to your choice of printers. For our peace of mind, and yours, we always carry out quality control on the printing work, right up until it’s delivered to you.

How we work

Step 1

We spend time getting to know you and your company and immerse ourselves in your company and culture.

Step 2

We research ideas, put together a plan, and discuss our approach, working closely with you for feedback.

Step 3

We deliver designs that tell people exactly who you are.

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